🐝 What is Beex?



Beex, put simply, is a trading tool that helps you get an edge in pump and dump schemes. The term "pump and dump" refers to a price-manipulation scheme as old as time. In cryptocurrency, it derives from groups (some with more than 100,000 members on Telegram and/or Discord) whose sole purpose to manipulate cryptocurrency markets as a collective for the greater good of the group.

They coordinate to buy a cryptocurrency together at a specified time - sort of like an event. Everyone buys the cryptocurrency agreed at the same time upon which causes the price to surge very quickly. Members of the group buy with the idea that outsiders whom are not part of the group will see the attractive price action and buy the coin aswell, effectively pumping the price for the members of the group all while the group members sell their coins for a profit.

Sounds sick! Whats the catch?

What! No catch, the only regret you'll be having is that you didnt buy more 😛

No but jokes aside, there is a reason schemes like these are banned in stuff like stocks (and can land you in jail for market manipulation) - its esentially a glorified ponzi scheme. Whenever looking at a scheme, its always a good idea to ask: where is the money coming from? P&D groups usually claim that the profit members will make comes from outsiders buying the coin, or - esentially the selling (or more colloquially known, dumping) of the coin at the expense of outsiders (which is already, if you think about it, a pretty barbaric answer to the question).

For the most part, however, even this explanation isnt even true. Think for a second - who decides what coin everyone will buy? If it were to be decided publicly, there would always be people that buy it before the agreed upon time to make even more profit than the rest of the members- so its logical that it would be decided privately and only made public at the time agreed upon, but by whom?

Ahh, young sapling well ofcourse - the Administrators of the group. They accumulate the coin beforehand and sell upon the coin being made public, dumping on the incoming buy pressure from their members. Their bags get filled at the expense of the rest of the pump group.

Barbaric right? It gets better

The Domicle

console.log("Not financial advice");

Alright so, pumps are glorified ponzi schemes - by participating in one you know you are guaranteed to lose money, right?

Well, for the most part yes. By participating in a pump and dump event, you are playing in a game rigged against you, however the answer isn't always as clear. Theres a reason why pump and dump groups have existed in crypto since 2014, and probably wont stop anytime soon. Just like it is in the best interest of the group administrators to dump on the incoming buy pressure from their members, its in their best interest to repeat the cycle over and over again with new people in the space as the old ones, who have already lost money - probably aren't going to be joining a "pump" anytime soon.

Affectionately named the Domicle because of the owner of the largest group in the space (Dominus), one can divide the outcome of pumps into a cycle. Everything releated to P&D revolves around one specific group: Big Pump Signal. While there are other groups in the space that attempt to do pumps themselves, they all esentially revolve around the success rate from BPS (Big Pump Signal)

The business of pumps

Like mentioned, any good ponzi needs new people coming into it - and pumps are no different. How BPS usually operates is that at the start of a cycle they pump coins at their own expense (remember that question: where does the money come from? , well in the first few pumps of a cycle - the answer is the Administrators of BPS). Why would an admin put their own money to risk to grow others' wallets at their own expense? The idea is that the first few pumps in a cycle are really good, most people (sometimes even without a bot) will usually make a sizeable return on their investment. This gets people excited, so they tell their friends, their family members, their coworkers, etc that they made money. Then when the next pump comes around, theres a lot more people involved, and the people that joined their previous signal are entering the pump with a lot of money, which is at the point in time where admins cash in (in the case of BPS, they dump hundreds of thousands of dollars on incoming buy pressure). It's a cycle, and an ugly one.

So what does Beex do?

Beex is a tool developed to help someone out during one of these P&D events by automating buy and sell orders on behalf of the user. The truth of the matter is, the people netting in the most profit will always be the administrators of these groups - with most members making a loss. There is a small timeframe, however, between when the pump starts and when the admins dump when it is somewhat possible to make money - but you need to be fast, really fast.

Think of P&D's as a game of musical chairs, admins take up 90% of those chairs. Only 10% are left to the members of the group, so you need to be faster than the other members. Reasoning is because any sort of delay ba